BAU Support Services

We understand that there may be occasions when BAU support is required by a department in order to ensure that operations or processes run smoothly. Often this support may not require a full fledged project to be created however it could simply require 1 or more experienced consultants to deliver certain tasks directly to the department department head.

Such BAU support could be the implementation of a corrective action plan as a result of an audit or self assessment review. The corrective action plan simply require 1 to 2 consultants to perform a review to show that all is compliant, and present the results to management.

Audit may have raised a risk pertaining to lack of metadata on a client documentation database. In order to remediate the risk, a team of consultants could create a plan to sanitise and enrich the document images so that the metadata would ensure compliance.

There may be a pending review of DLP rules which is overdue and manpower is required to coordinate, engage businesses to review their rules and keywords to ensure they are still relevant.

A recent departmental review of the smay have revealed that there are many documents which have not been classified according to the bank’s policy. Our consultants with Data Privacy experience could be tasked with identifying the document owners and working with them to the right classification.

There may be a backlog of applications which require on-boarding onto a bank’s centralised entitlement review system. Our team of consultants could provide BAU support to engage with the app & business owners to clear the backlog.

After the restructure of an organisation there maybe a requirement to migrate all the CyberArk safes from 1 vault to another. Our consultants could create a migration plan and implement it. Contacting and engaging safe owners, and working with technology to migrate the safes according to the plan.

The above are real examples where our consultants have provided valuable BAU support.