Data Classification

Most banking institutions that we have worked with all have a data classification policy whereby all records created by each department must be classified INTERNAL, PUBLIC, CONFIDENTIAL, PERSONAL OR SECRET.

In practice the implementation of such a policy is not sustainable as there is no reliable way to enforce the document creator to classify it. Controls can be implemented retrospectively to classify existing document but in large enterprises this can prove to be a costly and mammoth task. Data Classification tools can facilitate the classifying of data.

Data Classification is a fundamental building block of a company’s Information Security strategy, yet due to to its relatively simplicity it is often overlooked. Successfully classifying information assets such powerpoint presentations, excel workbooks/templates, word documents, visio diagrams, and emails yields many benefits for the enterprise such as:

  • Easily identify & inventorise all sensitive information
  • Meet regulatory requirements
  • Maximize return and reduce costs for implementation of Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solution top to prevent sensitive information (emails and documents) from leaving the bank.

Currently there are several Data Classification Tools on the market. We understand that defining your business requirements will help to tailor the correct tool.

Get Data Classification right, the rest is simple !

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