Equifax Announces Massive Data Breach

Personal Information of 44 Brits Compromised

Even days after the data breach was made public, it still is difficult to grasp the effects of the information leak.

Equifax is a credit reference agency with millions of users all over the world. It is known to provide services for several companies located in the UK, namely British Gas, Capital One, and BT. With the connection between these companies and Equifax, it is highly likely that personal information of members from said companies have also been leaked.

BT has confirmed their use of Equifax and has expressed that it is closely monitoring the situation, not giving any further details.

A statement was released by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) urging that Equifax alert the UK customers that were affected by the breach.

This data breach raises a lot of unrest within British customers, as their data may have been unknowingly stolen despite not being direct customers of Equifax.

The data breach was admittedly done between May and July, says Equifax, but the hack was not made public until months after. Information stolen includes names, social security numbers, dates of birth, and addresses. It is also believed that the hackers were able to collect 209,000 credit card details.

Equifax has admitted that the information of British and Canadian residents had been stolen, albeit saying that the data hacked was “limited.”

There have been rumors that the same hackers had breached the security system of Apache Struts, although the allegations have been vehemently denied by said company.

El Reg has continuously asked Equifax for further clarification and confirmation regarding the scale and specifications of the data leak, particular on the effects of the breach on UK citizens. This request for information was said to be forwarded to a US-based sector of Equifax.

Of course, Equifax is trying to control the damage and protect the data of its users. They have their own breach-handling site, which can be found here.

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