EU General Data Protection Regulation 2018: Start Preparation in 2017

The original “EU Data Protection Regulation” was drafted back in 1995. Technology has moved on since then and so have the consumers data privacy requirements.

The UK government has confirmed that Brexit will not affect the adoption of the regulation. As such the “EU General Data Protection Regulation” is set to be applied to the UK in May 2018.

Our research recommends considering the below essentials in order to comply with the new regulation:

  1. Collect only Data that is needed
  2. Individuals rights to be informed and access their data
  3. Individuals Right to Be Forgotten
  4. Data Processors responsible for data protection
  5. EGDPR will apply to data held and transferred to/from non-EU servers
  6. Data Controllers responsible to inform users of their rights

Large multinationals will be the most affected by the new laws as they collect & process the most data. Now is the time for Data & Compliance officers to start charting a strategy to navigate through the unknown territory, in order to avoid hefty fines and damage to reputation.

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